Explaining Google My Business Justifications

Every business aims to increase conversion rates and reach more audiences. They incorporate different strategies and methods to boost their online presence. While many companies prefer social media sites as their primary marketing magnet, some bolster their Google My Business profiles.

Now, have you ever encountered Google My Business Justifications before? Well, if you haven’t, here’s a simple overview of its usefulness for your growing business.

What Are Justifications?

Google My Business utilises local search to extract specific business profiles that match different queries from various users. For instance, when a user types in “small garden renovation near me”, the results would be an array of businesses with these words or similar phrases written in their Google My Business profiles or webpages.

google showing justificationsJustifications are the highlighted or displayed bolden text snippets coming from business profiles, comments, and results. Mostly called Local Justifications, these simple phrases or words are retrieved from various sources within the business’ network of webpages.

When the page mentions “Provides” (as seen in the image), it means Google pulled this information from your GMB’s services section.

Since Google explores your Google My Business profile and website, it usually captures particular keywords and phrases uniquely classified for your company. So, where will Google retrieve these key phrases?

1. Services + Menu Highlights
2. Posts
3. Reviews
4. Website
5. In-Stock Items

google showing local search justificationsImportance of Content

In other words, every little detail posted, selected, reviewed by clients, and displayed on your website and profile matters for your business. Search queries from users that match your blog post, menu highlights, reviews from people (not replies), or posts will help pull your business higher.

So, you should strategically consider the type of content and words you will use when describing products, writing blogs, and adding various information to your Google My Business profiles. Don’t forget to ask for reviews from previous clients—it’s crucial to hear what they think of your service or products.